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RESIST by Sebastian Liste | Samba, Brazil, 2009


© Sebastian Liste / NOOR

'A couple dancing samba in Bahia de Todos los Santos, Brazil. 

During the four centuries of slave trade, characterised by tensions and class confrontations, thousands of slaves escaped from European plantations and created ‘quilombos’ in Brazil.

Originally “quilombo” means “place where one is with God”. The quilombos rebuilt in Brazil were territorial organization of African origins and worked as an outlet against the violence of slavery. Wherever slavery flourished, so did resistance. Even under the threat of the whip, slaves tried to carve spaces of autonomy through rebellions. 

Some slaves escaped and lived in communities resisting to the acculturation. There they survived thanks to their ancient customs and recreated their old traditions of lyrics and dances, that would later become the famous Samba music. 

These alternative communities sought to reproduce Africa in the Americas. All members would be equal and free, just as they had been in their homeland.

In a period of worldwide challenges, I want to remember how Samba was born to talk about awareness and hardship, and to dance for the hope and despair of all the people who live under an oppressive system.' - Sebastian Liste


  • Fine Art Baryta, paper size A3
  • Open Edition
  • NOOR Authentic Stamp on the verso
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