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Dispatches - Beyond Iraq


Beyond Iraq is a hard-hitting look at the Iraq conflict's impact on the Middle East and its relationship with the West. Rod Nordland, Newsweek's chief foreign correspondent, describes reality on the ground, "Reality in Eye-rack: It Only Gets Worse." Jamie Tarabay, an Australian-Lebanese reporter for National Public Radio talks to Arabs across the Middle East to see how conflict changed their lives and their view of the Unites States. 

Publisher: Dispatches Corporation
Year: 2008
Author: Kozyrev, Yuri; Jeff Danziger; Remy Ourdan; Keith Richburg; Rod Nordland; Jamie Tarabay; Mort Rosenblum; Gary Knight
Format/binding: Paperback Book
ISBN 10: 0984115919
ISBN 13: 9780984115914

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