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© Benedicte Kurzen / NOOR

People climb around a statue of former South African President Nelson Mandela, during celebrations outside the Drakenstein prison near Cape Town, the 11th of February. South Africans are celebrating how far they have come since Nelson Mandela took his first steps to freedom 20-years ago, as some thousands gathered for commemorations at what was known in 1990 as Victor Verster Prison, at Drakenstein, near Cape Town.

If there is one man whose life is all about resisting it is Nelson Mandela. Fist in the air, he gave this word a new meaning; rising so far and above hatred, racism, tribalism, injustice, selfishness. His figure is now contested, and his heritage questioned within the border of his homeland, but his aura is undeniable. I was lucky enough to have photographed him a couple of times and his aura was thick like a warm coat. I understood that the culture of resistance is both political and intimate. By simply looking at someone he could make you feel you can, you have to be your better self. Amandla!


  • Fine Art Baryta, Fine Art Baryta, paper size 40cm x 40cm

  • Open Edition

  • NOOR Authentic Stamp on the verso

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Benedicte Kurzen : NOOR.jpg