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Somalia, El Rasto Invisible by Pep Bonet


Somalia: anarchy, abandonment and oblivion–-are the best words to define it. Without an effective government for years, a contemporary feudalism has reigned, the warlords imposing their way of life as the only way of measuring time. Surviving from day to day is the only aim, in a place where the clan system prevents the common good from being more valuable than private interests. Insecurity banishes any chance of planning a future, of developing and breaking the myth that has placed Somalia within the realms of the impossible for many years. Legendary danger and fear has led the international organisations and foreign aid keeping away, leaving the country in the hands of its shortcomings. the lack of infrastructure, health staff, the dryness and poverty mean it has among the lowest health standards in the world.

Photographs by Pep Bonet
Publisher: Fonart IB Publishing
Language: English / Spanish
Year: 2007

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