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Watching in Silence by Pep Bonet


This is how all the books in the world should start: in silence. Because this is how the project of an artist always starts, oblivious to the look of those who will later be watching his work. Pep Bonet – one of the most internationally renowned photographers who has been awarded at the World Press Photo competition - and Ignacio Jarillo – a journalist devoted to world news reports, feature articles and radio information - finally invites us to ‘Watch in Silence’ their work: a continuous journey through the world inhabited by those who may have so little or nothing, but who can show and teach us so much. Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Somalia, Darfur, Cuba, South Africa, Zambia, Honduras, Swaziland, Poland, and Haiti, make up a long journey of life in pictures that makes visible what is happening there, where no words are needed. They are the prisoners of chaos, torture, chains, war, AIDS, sexual abuse, insanity, and pollution. But many of these stories are not that tragic, thanks to those who are acting in silence, like the authors of this book who, moreover, are condemning it out loud.

Publisher: Fonart IB Publishing
Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-84-935726-8-6
Size: 21x21cm
Pages: 228
Text: Ignacio Jarillo
Language: English
ISBN: 978-84-935726-8-6

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