Displayed proudly on the wall, a row of mis-matched spoons found in the garbage are tacked up with a piece of ribbon in Sher Dad?s shelter. With almost no worldly possessions, Gul Dad struggles to survive along with his wife and baby son in a Pashtun-Abadi (Pashtun slum) more than five years after escaping the conflict in Bajaur.

RESIST by Alixandra Fazzina | Eighteen Spoons, Pakistan, 2014

 Sadaf Rahimi practices in her Kabul gym at the Olympic Stadium to prepare for the Olympics 

(Photo by Andrea Bruce/ Noor Images for Time)

RESIST by Andrea Bruce | The Boxer, Afghanistan, 2012

Benedicte Kurzen : NOOR.jpg

RESIST by Benedicte Kurzen |


RESIST by Francesco Zizola | Photographing, a form of resistance

 F*ck the KKK,  USA,  1990

When the Ku Klux Klan , a white supremacist terrorist organization,  decided to march around a baseball field in a small town in southern New Jersey,  a crowd of protestors showed up to resist.  As the KKK donned their white robes and waved their confederate flags,  the protesting crowd, led by many black high school students,  pushed the Klan behind the ball field fence and into the wooden bleachers.  The Klan grew frightened and weak as the protesters outnumbered them.    Chanting with righteous anger and moral authority,  these teenagers drove the racist hate mongers  off the field and out of town. 

It was my privilege to witness this beautiful moment of resistance when young people stood up for their ancestors and their own dignity.

RESIST by Nina Berman | F*ck the KKK, USA, 1990

Single Leg Amputee Sports Club (SLASC)

RESIST by Pep Bonet

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 A couple dancing samba in the street. The music of samba is a genre that combines beautiful African and Portuguese rhythms to create a very sensual dancing movements.

RESIST by Sebastian Liste | Samba, Brazil, 2009

 Belo Monte construction site, Altamira  Brazil  October 09 2012
On Tuesday 9 October, around 80 “warriors” in full war paint and armed with bows and arrows, clubs and lances occupied a construction site for the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant on the Xingu River, a tributary of the Amazon in Brazil.
 In a cloak-and-dagger operation, the native Indians stormed the Pimental cofferdam, chased off around 900 construction workers and took control of a large number of trucks and Caterpillar construction vehicles.

RESIST by Yuri Kozyrev | Resisting the Belo Monte Dam, Brazil, 2012

 Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X. Candy Store. 

In ?Chi-Raq? there still is not one trauma unit, despite the fact that the city leads the country in the number of homicides, with the majority occurring south of the Loop. As often follows with arrests, incarceration tends to ensue. As a result, more than 100,000 people go through the doors of Chicago?s Cook County Jail each year. However, many of these young men and women are blind to how the city?s methodical and systematic control of land, divides their neighborhoods into war zones. This, results in wars with each other, in a seemingly endless loop of ?survival?.

Although the violence is consistently reported in the news, to understand what?s at stake we must look far deeper than the latest crime scene. It?s vital that we also show the immense waste of human potential that?s being lost with each violent act. While the violence that has spread to many of Chicago?s most economically depressed neighborhoods is in all ways real, the never ending focus on the violence obscures a larger and far more significant truth: that the wholesale neglect has led to the practical destruction of these communities. 

The combination of the large scale industrial meltdown, political disinvestment, and the failure of the war on poverty during the 1970?s and 80?s led to communities like Chicago?s South Side falling on extremely hard times. Today, the failure of the war on poverty is clearly evident. The poverty rate for the majority African-Americans stands at 32.6 percent, the highest for the ten largest American cities, according to Chicago Muckrakers. The aftermath is evidenced by failing schools, inadequate public healthcare, mass foreclosures in the form of abandoned and decaying buildings, widespread, but rarely seen hunger, drug use, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and unusually high levels of social violence, incarceration rates and police brutality. 

Barack Obama?s rise on the South Side from community organizer to leader of the

RESIST by Jon Lowenstein | SOS South Side, USA, 2012

Bangladesh Climate rufugees

RESIST by Kadir van Lohuizen | Rising Sea Levels, Bangladesh, 2013

stanley resist.jpg

RESIST by Stanley Greene | Red scarf of a Soviet Union Youth Pioneer, Chechnya, 2013

 Occupied Palestinian Territories, West Bank, Abu Dis, 01 May 2013

Students from the Al-Quds University javelin team wrap up the last practice before summer vacation in the West Bank city of Abu Dis, next to the Israeli Separation Wall.

RESIST by Tanya Habjouqa | Javelin team practices along side the Separation Wall, Occupied Palestinian Territories, 2013