#Resist Collection

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary and reaffirm our principles as independent journalists, photographers, filmmakers & artists, NOOR stands with resisters around the world fighting authoritarianism and racism in all forms.

We have dedicated our careers to witnessing and contextualizing the most obscene manifestations of state and corporate power from settler colonialism in Palestine to US imperialism in Iraq and Afghanistan, from the forced migration of millions of Syrians, to the decimation of the black community in Chicago. In all parts of the world, we see the plunder of land and resources to serve a privileged few at the expense of us all.

We have also witnessed profound and spectacular acts of community organizing, righteous opposition and personal bravery. Our images have been our form of resistance. We create them with a shared respect for the courage and humanity of those fighting to live free and fair lives everywhere.

NOOR was started ten years ago so we could take control over our work and become a more radical voice, free of market constraints. We believe that by leveraging the power of the group we can better amplify crucial issues such as our Consequences project one of the first comprehensive photojournalistic documentations of climate change and its ramifications.  


As the turn toward authoritarianism in the United States and in Europe poses a threat to human rights everywhere, and journalists in particular, NOOR will also resist.

We do this as journalists with an aim to hold power accountable and as individuals with histories and perspectives; our families were refugees, our loved ones, and some of our members, have been imprisoned for their political beliefs. We value dissent. 

And so today we share #Resist, a selection of images from across the globe, chosen by each photographer as an inspiration and reminder that resistance takes many forms, each essential and life affirming.