RESIST by Alixandra Fazzina | Eighteen Spoons, Pakistan, 2014

RESIST by Alixandra Fazzina | Eighteen Spoons, Pakistan, 2014


© Alixandra Fazzina / NOOR

'Resisting the devastating changes heaved upon their lives in the wake of protracted conflicts on the Afghan border, hundreds of thousands of civilians displaced across Pakistan hang on to the last threads of former lives than can be salvaged. Having lost their homes and lands, livelihoods and often their dignity, what remains is humbling.

Following families from Pakistan’s tribal areas over six years, I often found traces of former lives. In this image, a row of teaspoons found in a garbage dump have been tacked onto the wall at a temporary slum that is home to the internally displaced. A reflection of the intricately hand carved spoons that would have graced their farmhouse in Bajaur, they are a metaphor for a last stand. For such families, to resist is simply to not give up.' - Alixandra Fazzina


  • Fine Art Baryta, paper size A3
  • Open Edition
  • NOOR Authentic Stamp on the verso

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