Homeland by Nina Berman

Homeland by Nina Berman


By Nina Berman

The title of the book comes from President George W. Bush, who introduced the word “homeland” shortly after September 11. Previously unfamiliar in American speech, the word sounded both sinister and soothing  filled with ideological import of mysterious origin. Was it British, or maybe Nazi Germany? Or was the word drawn from fiction, a made-up world existing in a fairytale? This name is now our place, which we occupy and define. We have assigned roles that are played out everyday. In my photographs, Homeland is where Air Force bombers entertain sunbathers on summer weekends: happy families step through the suburbs clutching anti-nuke pills: small town police train to hunt terrorists: evangelical Christians dress in Afghan burqas: senior citizens become extras in a War On Terror script: and military recruitment spectacles transform children into would-be-killers.

Publisher: Trolley
Year: 2008

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