Rising Sea Levels in Bangladesh, 2011

Rising Sea Levels in Bangladesh, 2011

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© Kadir van Lohuizen / NOOR

Caption: Bangladesh, Bainpara, January 2011

A mother and her daughter at Bainpara, their former village. Some houses remain, most were swallowed by cyclone Alia. After the water receded the water never returned to its old levels.

Due to cyclone Aila which hit Bangladesh in May 2009, still 60,000 people are displaced in the district Dakop. This is almost the total population of Dakop. The cyclone hit the area with a surge of 10 meters and the water since then has hardly receded; due to this people lost their land and therefor their means of living. Bangladesh presently has a total of 6,5 million displaced due to floods and the rising of the sea level.


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