Robin Hammond | The Next Bread Basket, Somalia, 2013

Robin Hammond | The Next Bread Basket, Somalia, 2013

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Caption: Somalia, Berbera, October 2013

Sheep and goats walk from Berbera National Health Quarantine, which has capacity to hold 120,000 animals. Over 50% of Somalilands GDP is made up of livestock exports. Most of these animals start their journey from the port of Berbera. Here stockmen herd the sheep and goats onboard boats destined for Saudi Arabia, in time for the annual Haj. The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that $250m-worth of animals will leave the port of Berbera and its more ramshackle rival, Bossaso, in the seven weeks before the haj. Berbera Port Authorities estimate 1.3 million animals go through the port in the high season leading up to Haj. The export of livestock through these ports, and the nearby port of Djibouti, represents what is said to be the largest movement of live animal - 'on the hoof' - trade anywhere in the world.


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