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Some things simply need to be seen.

« The name NOOR is Arabic for the word Light. With our cameras, which are light sabres, we shine the light in the darkest places of the World. There are times within our journeys that we also discover the beauty of the World. This must been seen as well and shared.
Not all that is beautiful is obvious sometimes it has to be uncovered and shown to those who are blind. Our mission should be to show the hidden in all forms, the beauty, the beast and the magical. »
Stanley Greene

About Us

NOOR is a collective uniting a select group of highly accomplished photojournalists, filmmakers and storytellers documenting, investigating and witnessing our world.

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Generación Perdida
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Cotton Widows, Pakistan, 2012
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 F*ck the KKK,  USA,  1990

When the Ku Klux Klan , a white supremacist terrorist organization,  decided to march around a baseball field in a small town in southern New Jersey,  a crowd of protestors showed up to resist.  As the KKK donned their white robes and waved their confederate flags,  the protesting crowd, led by many black high school students,  pushed the Klan behind the ball field fence and into the wooden bleachers.  The Klan grew frightened and weak as the protesters outnumbered them.    Chanting with righteous anger and moral authority,  these teenagers drove the racist hate mongers  off the field and out of town. 

It was my privilege to witness this beautiful moment of resistance when young people stood up for their ancestors and their own dignity.