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RESIST by Stanley Greene | Red scarf of a Soviet Union Youth Pioneer, Chechnya, 2013


© Stanley Greene / NOOR

The Red scarf of a Soviet Union youth Pioneer, Grozny. Chechnya 2013

'The Revolution that swept across Russia, changed history forever, in many ways America was more poised for a Revolution with the weight of the down trodden masses, being crushed under the weight of capitalism, but the leaders of the day were not passionate enough, a revolution is like a great love affair. In the beginning she is a temptress, a Holy cause, the virgin Mary, believing in something so passionate to die for it, the idea itself becomes the religion, not as pure, not saintly and in the end not even perfect, but a burning faith blood stained. On the roads of the revolution the people were caught up and carried along the roads and winds of change, the fires that consumed the people did so until they reached the ends of Russia.' - Stanley Greene


  • Fine Art Baryta, paper size 45cm x 30cm

  • Open Edition

  • NOOR Authentic Stamp on the verso

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