Bangladesh Climate rufugees
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RESIST by Kadir van Lohuizen | Rising Sea Levels, Bangladesh, 2013


© Kadir van Lohuizen / NOOR

'A mother and her son at the village of Bainpara in the delta of Bangladesh. Their land has been taken by the waters during a cyclone and subsequent frequent flooding. Flooding has always happened in Bangladesh, but today the waters often don’t recede anymore due to the rising sea level, if they do, the land is saline and crops won’t grow anymore.

The sea is rising due to climate change and millions of people are at risk in Bangladesh. People are urged to move but they resist: it’s the land of their forefathers, which they have been cultivating. They resist that they have to pay such a high price, where their emissions have always been almost zero. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change and millions of people are sacrificed for that vision.' - Kadir van Lohuizen


  • Fine Art Baryta, paper size 45cm x 30cm

  • Open Edition

  • NOOR Authentic Stamp on the verso

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Bangladesh Climate rufugees