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RESIST by Pep Bonet


© Pep Bonet / NOOR

Kalone is a football player from the National amputee football Team in Sierra Leone. He is stretching while training on the beach. The football team is entirely made up of players with one leg and goal keepers with one arm. Amputated by machetes of the Revolutionary United Front, they are residents of the Murray Town amputees' camp, which is home to victims of rebel atrocities committed during the civil war.

Resist. Supposed to be outcasted by society and left aside, they resist to their destiny and to the aftermath of a 10-year war. Resistance is what made them stronger human beings.

Resist. For some people there is no other choice than to resist.


  • Fine Art Baryta, paper size A3

  • Open Edition

  • NOOR Authentic Stamp on the verso

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Single Leg Amputee Sports Club (SLASC)